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Benefits of Fiber

EPlus Broadband is a unique broadband network, owned by the community, to deliver an extraordinary level of service and value to customers. Our network was designed to serve the rapidly expanding telecommunications needs of our customers well into the future. Below are just a few of the benefits.

Faster Internet

Building a network capable of keeping up with growing consumer demand for videos, music streaming, and online gaming is no easy task. Our all-fiber network called EPlus Broadband is up to the challenge with a “future-proof” design with unlimited capacity to handle future bandwidth demands as technology changes. Fiber is consistently able to provide the fastest download and upload speeds compared to older technologies like cable, DSL, and wireless.

Increased Home Value

In recent years, more and more smart technologies have been developed for homes and businesses that rely on Wi-Fi or wired connections making it important to have access to broadband. A recent study from the Fiber Broadband Association shows that fast and reliable broadband is now rated the single most important amenity for multiple dwelling units (MDU) residents. The study also shows having access to fiber broadband increases rental and property values in MDUs by 8 percent and 2.8 percent respectively.

Community Development

Cities and towns across the country are deploying fiber optic infrastructure using all-fiber networks to position their communities for tomorrow’s jobs and economic growth. In fact, our EPlus Broadband network was built in 2004 delivering fast Internet speeds and network reliability.

Fiber Networks Help Local Economies

There is growing evidence that fiber connectivity encourages businesses to stay, helps businesses grow and become more productive, and attracts new businesses particularly in high-tech industries.


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