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Business Lines

Our telephone service is designed with your business in mind. Get crystal clear voice over our high-speed fiber network. Plus, you’ll enjoy the best-in-class features to help your business run more smoothly.


All-Inclusive Telephone Services

Caller ID – View the name and the number of the person or business trying to reach you.

Call Forward Variable – Allows you to forward all incoming calls to a different telephone number with the functionality to still make outgoing calls.

3-Way Calling – Allows you to speak with two people at the same time.

Anonymous Call Rejection – Protect your privacy by preventing calls from callers who block their identity.

Call Hold – The caller is parked and unable to communicate with you until call hold is turned off.

Per Call Block – Your name and number are blocked from being displayed to others.

Caller ID Number Only – Displays the call number only.

Call Return *69 – Return the call of the last person who called you.

Call Transfer – Sends a call to another phone.

Call Wait w/Cancel – Deactivates the call waiting function so that you don’t hear a tone for an incoming caller while on an active call.

Call Forward No Answer – Redirect calls to another phone when an incoming call isn’t answered within a specified number of rings.

Call Forward Busy – Forward your calls to another phone number when your line is busy.

Call Waiting – Answer another call while you’re on the phone. Call waiting alerts you with a beep to another incoming call. You can put the original call on hold while you answer the second call.

Remote Call Forward – Activate or deactivate your call forwarding when you are away from your home.

Repeat Dialing – Repeatedly dials a busy number until someone answers.

Speed Calling 30 – Quickly dial 30 of your most frequently called numbers by only dialing two digits.

Business Voicemail – Never miss a call. Voicemail works like an answering machine, even when you are on the phone. Access it locally or when you are away from your phone.

Long Distance – Limited to the 48 United States and Canada.

Additional Telephone Services:

Directory Listings

Directory and Operator Assistance

Long Distance Per Minute and Packages


Business Telephone Pricing

View pricing and features for EPlus Broadband telephone service for your business.

Business Hosted PBX Telephone Pricing

Learn more about our cloud based voice service, features and pricing.

Telephone Feature Guide

Learn how to use the features available with EPlus Telephone service.
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