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The TiVo experience instantly gives you control of your favorite TV programming!

TiVo Mini

It connects to TiVo in another room for a multi-room experience.

TiVo Voice Remote

Say it, watch it! It’s that easy!

Smart Box HD/DVR Converter

*Converter box style may vary from photo.

HD Converter



*Customers may also purchase “universal” remote control units from consumer electronics stores that are capable of working with the converters.

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Availability of third-party content from streaming sources is subject to change, and certain third-party fees may apply.


TiVo Experience Guide

Learn about TiVo – Voice control, OnePass™, Video Apps, SmartBar, VU-IT App and more!

Remote Guide (TiVo)

Quick steps for using voice control and sample commands, Alexa pairing and commands.

Passport DVR Guide

Quick Reference Guide for using the on-screen guide.

Remote Guide (Motorola DCR800)

Quick guide to getting started with the Motorola remote.

Remote Codes and User Guide (Motorola DCR800)

Learn more about your Motorola remote.

Parental Control Settings (Motorola remote)

Steps to prevent unauthorized viewers from seeing restricted content.

Remote Guide (Model URC2025)

Quick guide to getting started with remote model: URC2025.

Remote Codes and User Guide (Model URC2025)

Learn more about your remote model: URC2025.

Channel Lineup

View the Channel Lineup – SD, DIG, HD, 4K, Premiums, PPV and Music Channels.
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